The main purpose of jibica is to assist students, professionals and entrepreneurs in selecting career, developing skills and enriching knowledge. Different educative article, analysis, graphics, photo, video etc. contents are developed and shared in this facebook page. This is a free site and open for all.

Positive Bangladesh


Positive Bangladesh is an “open for all” facebook page to boost optimistic image of Bangladesh. Foreigners and Bangladeshi people will have one stop source of information in the form of text, photo, graphics, animation and video. The contents will motivate Bangladeshis and encourage foreign nationals who have interest about Bangladesh, its people and its prospects.

Innovation & Discovery


Everyday new technologies are being invented and resources are being discovered. These innovations and discoveries are published and shared in social media’s. Some contents are useful in day to day personal and household activities, some contents give idea to launch new product or service and rest of contents enrich knowledge. We collect and store these contents in Innovation and Discovery page for ready reference of visitors. This page is open for all.